Antigone Pride And Downfall Analysis

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Antigone: Pride and Downfall

“Look what’s Creon doing with our two brothers? He’s honouring one with a funeral and treating the other one disgracefully”(lines 25-27). This Showed how Antigone felt such hatred towards Creon. They both were alike stubborn, Prideful, and loyal, but They have different beliefs. Antigone is loyal to her brother Polyneices and Creon is against Polyneices because he feels he betrayed the city. Throughout the story the two clash with hatred, but Antigone’s role in the cities society made Creon a Tragic hero.

Even though Antigone is Creon's niece, It is no surprise that she goes against his decree to bury her brother. She explains to her sister that she wants to bring honour to her family and not betray her brother, “Yes. I’ll do duty to my brother and yours as well, if you’re not prepared to I won’t be caught betraying him”(line 58). Her sister tries to convince her not to go against Creon’s decree, but because she was so stubborn she would not listen and did as she pleased. “A vain attempt should not be made at all”(Ismene). (Antigone) “So leave me
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“O city of my fathers in this land of Thebes and my ancestral gods, I am being led away.No more delaying for me. Look on me,your lord of Thebes, the last survivor of the royal house,see what I have to undergo, the kind of men who do this to me ,for paying reverence for a true piety”(lines 1049-1059) Creon is faced with a problem when a blind prophet tells about how his injustice like actions towards Antigone will lead to his downfall. Because of his pride he ignores the prophet and accuses him of telling false prophets. He later realizes that he needs to listen to the prophet and free Antigone of her punishment.When He goes to free her in hope of finding her alive but,she is dead and it causes a chain of tragic events which involves the death of Creon’s son and
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