Antigone Reflection

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When Antigone found out that her brothers got struck by lightning she was devastated. Antigone felt even worse when they informed her that one of her two brothers wasn’t getting a proper burial. Antigone 's brother Eteocles was going to have a burial and Polyneices was exiled because he returned home and tried to take over and burn the land. Creon the the King of Thebes come into the throne when Oedipus and his sons died. Creon decided that Polyneices wasn’t getting a burial and was going to be exiled from Thebes and left to be eaten by birds. When Antigone found out what the king decided to do about Polyneices she disagreed. Antigone felt that it was essential that her brother Polyneices had a proper burial just like Eteocles. Antigone then talked to her sister Ismene about the situation and confessed into wanting to go against Creon and burying Polyneices regardless of what his orders are. When Antigone tells Ismene about her plan on burying Polyneices Ismene begins to tell Antigone that it is a dangerous idea to do. Ismene believes that as women they should obey men especially Creon. Antigone doesn’t take into consideration what Ismene tells her and decides to do the burial anyways. Ismene tells Antigone that she’ll keep her secret, but Antigone does not care if what she is doing is known. Creon decides to put guards around Polyneices’ body and that’s when a guard realized that someone had already buried Polyneices’ body.
When the guard goes and informs Creon he
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