Antigone Reflective Essay Analysis

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Backward-looking: I did not know anything about the subject, Antigone, before we started this project. The process I went through to produce this was that I first read the play Antigone. I then picked a side of who I thought was the true tragic hero and then filled out a graphic organizer for an essay complete with primary source quotes to support my argument. I then used my organizer to write my essay based around the idea that Antigone was the true tragic hero. I then found additional quotes from credible sources that could further support my argument and used them to make an annotated bibliography. Next, I collaborated with two of my peers in order to peer edit each other's essays and then made these changes to my essay. Finally, I added in the additional quotes from my annotated bibliography sources. I have gotten better at this kind of work because I have learned how to expand my vocabulary and use formal language with less dead verbs. I have improved greatly upon this, but I have room to improve even more. Inward-looking: I especially like my word choice in the finalized version of the work. What I found frustrating was how to correctly write the…show more content…
An example of this is that I used a quotation from the primary text to support my argument, and a second quotation to support the opposing viewpoint in order to not seem biased. Both of the people whose essays I had edited used two quotations in order to support their argument and none to support the opposing argument. This made their argument seem biased because they did not have evidence that made the opposing argument stronger. If I could give my essay a grade, I would say 90’s because my first draft had gotten an 86 and I improved greatly upon the rough draft in order to make my final draft. When looking at my rough draft, the main thing other classmates noticed was my poor word choice which I greatly improved upon for my final
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