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Essay on Antigone Mizuki Tsujikawa “Antigone” written by Sophocles is a story about play which was created about in 441 B.C.. The story is that Antigone who is the main character decides to bury her brother who deads during a war, when the king Creon prohibits to do it. She asks her young sister, Ismene, for help, but she declines it. Then, Antigone who buries it alone got arrested and put in the underground cave. The son of King, Haemon who was engaged with Antigone at the same time, tries to persuade his father. However, he rejects it. Creon believes that he is always absolutely right. People should follow his own rules and, once it is made it, he also has to follow it. He is fearful that people look down at him when he changes rules easily.…show more content…
such me, I tell you, spread them open- you will find them empty." (Line791) which means that you are not intelligent as much you think. He is, if anything, the worst. Although he constantly suggests his father to be flexible, Creon strongly rejects it. Moreover, Haemon is taken that he is the accomplice to a criminal. From the dialog between Creon and Haemon, Creon refuses his son's offer because he has pride not only as a king but also as a father, which especially makes him refuse…show more content…
Tiresias who is the blind prophet persuades the king out of killing Antigone under the world and leaving the dead body in the air. (Line1185) On the other hand, he again does not accept others' opinion and sticks with his own judgments. Personally, the attitude of Creon with Tiresias doesn't show us the king's rules of importance. It started to focus on his personal stubbornness for killing Antigone. When he is talking with his son Haemon, he still has his pride as a king. Then, when he is talking with Tiresias later, his pride as a kind becomes weaker. Thus, Creon refuses all the offers from Haemon and Tiresias, which were the chance to change all characters' future. I believe that there is a betrayal between Creon and Tiresias. The betrayal is "his ilk has tried to sell me short and ship me off for years." (Line1147) from the dialog of them. The prophet came to the king's palace to tell the augury and tried to stop his all attitude toward Antigone and her brother dead body. However, the king Creon doesn't accept his sincerely advise. Furthermore, he misunderstands that Tiresias persuades him because of money. Although their reliance has been built for a long time, from this part, it starts going wrong ways. In the end, their relationship is totally

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