Antigone Right Or Wrong Analysis

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Choices between what is right or wrong is different to everyone. Antigone believes that if your actions are morally justified then there is no wrong. She has never wavered from this belief. I believe that it is an honorable way of perceiving right and wrong. Although, what may seem right to one does not necessarily mean it is right for others or even just one and this could lead to many consequences. Antigone’s story is primarily about her wanting to give justice to her dead brother. Her mind revolves around the principle of family over everything else. No matter what law is or could be broken or the possibility of someone getting hurt, family always comes first. Despite her brother coming to attack Thebes and dying as a traitor, she is loyal…show more content…
When Creon tries to understand why his niece did this, he also asks her if she had any clue on the law that was put forth by him about Polyneices. She answered confident and assured of herself that she had fully acknowledged the law but in the end it did not matter. Creon is furious when she confesses she disobeyed the law, the townspeople and the elders are in “agreement” with Creon that it is disrespectful. Antigone knows the trouble she is in but did not back down. She took it so far as to say to Creon that the townspeople all knew she did a brave and courageous deed. She told him that the townspeople were too afraid of him to speak up. Many of the townspeople truly believed she did the right thing by her brother but even though they felt she did not deserve punishment, they still could not defend her. Antigone made everyone see they had a corrupt leader. Even Haimon, Creon’s son and her fiance, is against her punishment then, after he attempted to have his father see reason, Haimon stabbed himself. In the end, Antigone was put in a vault in the forest as her punishment. She does not want or liked the fact she would more than likely go crazy in isolation and she hung herself on her own morals and no one
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