Antigone Right Vs Right Analysis

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The tragedy of right vs. right in the play “Antigone”

In the play “Antigone” by Sophocles both Creon and Antigone are equally justified in their actions, however because they place different values first (Creon with law, and Antigone with emotion), conflict is created between them, creating a tragedy of right vs. right rather than right vs. wrong.

The idea that neither of the main characters are going directly against each other proves this play is a tragedy of right vs. right. Creon himself says “Anarchy- Show me a greater crime in all the earth. She, she destroys cities, rips up houses, breaks the ranks of spearmen into headlong routs.” This quote shows how Creon does not see Antigone herself as the enemy,
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Antigone is described as not being able to “bend before adversity” while Haimon tells Creon “You’ve seen trees by raging winter torrent, how many sway and flow and salvage every twig, but not the stubborn, they’re ripped out, roots and all.” This use of parallels between the two characters helps the audience realize the similarities and suggests that neither are completely in the wrong. These similarities also make the play slightly more tragic, as both characters are so alike and yet cause each other’s downfall. In addition, this metaphor of the tree being destroyed by an unstoppable force of nature could mean that the true villain of the tragedy is fate itself rather than any of the two main characters, as it is the one thing in the play that cannot be changed or broken. This foreshadowing helps show the reader the path that Creon and Antigone have each chosen brings them to what their fate is. They both have the same flaw, and this means they are both equally guilty of creating their fate the end of the play. This stubbornness also helps prove that each believe their actions are right as neither are willing to give up on their beliefs. This certainty that their actions are for the greater good ensures each of the characters are truly desperate to help others and this desire to do what is best for others (for Antigone her
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