Antigone Sentry Character Analysis

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Soldiers are charged throughout the world to keep their families and countries safe. Risking their lives to keep civilians safe. In Sophocles’ play Antigone there are many divers characters. The character I feel most similar to is the sentry. He has the same physicalities, education, and personality as me.

The Sentry’s physicalities are key in his ability to protect his country. A guard the Sentry would have been an altitudinous broad man like a wooden beam hard to move no matter where it is. Clothing is very important to see how someone feels thinks and even acts. The clothing the Sentry wore would not hang or restrict his movements; he would of worn different types of armor when a battle was upcoming to help him most effectively when fighting.
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The better your education the longer you are likely to play sports, and have a better life. Knowing your surroundings is key in any sport. I have to be strategically smart in terms of knowing where the boundary lines are. Richfield's terrain is slightly different but the same in many ways. I spend most of my time at school and at my house both of which are comprised mostly of brick. Bing a four sport athlete I am very knowledgeable in how to compete in all ink of whether. The Sentry’s personality is what people call a questionnaire, or a person that thinks things through. A questionnaire prepares for the worst possible outcome so that whatever happens is never as bad as it could be. The Sentry knows that as soon as Creon find out that someone has been burying Polynices that he will be furious. “And all the time a voice kept saying, “You fool, don’t you know you’re walking straight into trouble?”; and then another voice: “Yes, but if you let somebody else get the news to Creon first, it will be even worse than that for you!”” (1,191) All the while he does it because he knows it will be worse if he doesn’t tell Creon. His personality is what keeps him from being beheaded or stoned to

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