Antigone Theatre Analysis

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When I first entered the theatre I thought maybe I was entering a haunted house. The fog was blowing throughout the room and you walked through it as you found your seat. The drapes that we had looked at during class were glowing blue. The room was freezing cold, which probably wasn’t planned but still counted as one of the aspects. All of these elements gave me a spooky and mysterious feeling. I wasn’t sure if it was because the room was eerie or because it felt like it was fifty degrees or both, but I had goosebumps covering my arms. The theatre was filled with eager audience members as everyone talked among themselves. My first critique comes before the show started. When I did theatre I was always taught to not shove around the curtain…show more content…
One major theme throughout is to be your own person, stick up for what you believe in, and say what your feeling. Antigone did not give up; she was offered several times to give up what she believed in to save her life. She was persuaded with stories, love, and the choice to live. In the end she ignored all of these persuasions and stayed with what she believed in. Another theme is that tragedy has no hope, this was said by the chorus. What I got from this is that when there is a tragedy the world wants you to move on, just like Creon said in the play “life goes on.” This was shown at the end when Creon continued throughout his days and duties even after his son and wife died. Another important theme that was talked about and explained well is “beauty is found within.” Antigone explains that she knows she’s ugly and that her father was also ugly. She said he became beautiful after what he was trying to accomplish was fulfilled. When he was finally at peace that is when he was at his most beauty. The actors did a good job at making sure the themes were clear. The text and their emotions showed that the themes were meaningful and important. The only critique I have is that maybe it would have been better to have the chorus talk about the themes at the end and wrap it all up to make sure everyone
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