Antigone Tiresias Quotes

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In Antigone by Sophocles Teiresias is a blind prophet who predicts the future. He changes Creon by causing him to try and save Antigone and bury Polyneices. Teiresias might not have showed up often however he was still very significant. For instance Teiresias says “You should be able to yield for your own good” on page 692. Those words manly sum up what Creon's tragic flaw was. Teiresias is the one that really states that and makes it clear and he isn't even a big character in Antigone. He also says on page 692 “it is for your own good I say ask do.” This proves that Teiresias wasn't scared to tell Creon what to do, and to show him that he wasn't allowed to do whatever he wanted and that he wasn't always right. All in all Teiresias who wasn't in the play for long, gave us important information on Creon making him a significant character. Teiresias was an important character because he stood up to Creon and wasn't afraid of him. For example Teiresias says on page 693 “The time is not far from when you shall pay back.” I have a feeling no one else in the city would ever have said that to Creon except for maybe Antigone. Also if Teiresias never said that I bet Creon wouldn't have gone back and tried to fix his mistakes. In closing Tiresias was a very important character because he wasn't afraid to…show more content…
He said on page 692 “But a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong.” This taught us that it's okay to be wrong and that it's better to say you were wrong than to keep following the wrong path. He also says “And repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.” This also shows that repair the bad things you've done is better than leaving them and saying you were never wrong. All in all he is significant because without him we would have learned one of the important lessons the play Antigone has taught
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