Antigone Vs Creon A Tragic Hero

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Antigone is a play that was written by Sophocles which is about a tragic hero. What is a tragic hero? A tragic hero is a person who has a flawed characteristic which makes him fall; he must try to resolve a conflict but ends up failing. The play Antigone by Sophocles makes it hard for the readers to decide who is the tragic hero. Creon best fits in with the definition of a tragic hero. The things he says, does, and the comments made by those around him show him as the tragic hero.
The drama Antigone is more Creon’s story than it is Antigone’s. Creon has a much bigger affect the play than Antigone does. Without Creon, there would be no dilemma or conflict in the play. He is also the tragic hero of the play because he is the character that unintentionally leads his wife, son, and niece to their deaths. That is why the play is mostly about Creon even though the title of the play is Antigone’s name. Creon’s impact on the play is much more crucial than Antigone’s. Creon is in almost every scene of the play. In the beginning it shows what kind of ruler he will be during his council meeting, He said that rulers need to think of the people when making decisions that will affect them. Then he tells the council that neither friends nor family will be spared from the law. Creon said that he would never accept bribes of any sort while warning the
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He is the one who makes the decree about Polyneices not being buried, “No man shall bury, none should wail for him.” In doing so, he angered the gods. Antigone knows she can’t leave Polyneices unburied for fear of not being able to see him in the underworld. So she buries him. Creon’s arrogance with the decree and his judgment on Antigone that she had to die greatly angered the gods. Then when Teiresias comes to expose the error in Creon’s ways, Creon continues in his arrogant ways and dismisses Teiresias as a prophet who was bribed to deliver false

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