Antigone Vs Creon Tragic Hero Essay

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A tragic hero is typically known as a literary character whose judgment inevitably leads to their devastating downfall. Antigone by Sophocles is typically the novel that one would compare to a great classic tragic hero novel since it was developed in the Greek tragic era. There were three main characters and each possessed their form of folly. Antigone the main character died for conscience while Creon suffered for hubris from leading his “society”. While Haemon died for the voice of reason.Justice and morality is portrayed throughout the novel yet who is actually the culprit of prideful manner in Antigone? God's were definitely an important aspect towards all Greek writers especially Sophocles. Typically they decide whether one's fate shall be death or not. Although Antigone was the being who endured death and risked it all Creon was definitely a…show more content…
Antigone was continuously persistent and believed she was whole heartedly correct while Creon might have disagreed with her for most of the novel he eventually overlooked his arrogance. During the end Creon accepts himself acknowledging that a , “doom that is heavy to bear is come down on my head”(Sophocles Antigone 72). Life and this story would be entirely different if Creon did not contain this, “tragic flaw”. Without his decisions Creon had made this would undoubtedly not be a tragic story at all. As aforementioned a tragic hero was defined as a character who falls from their lofty position due to their folly or tragic flaw. Creon was definitely the soul main character that died from his tragic flaw. Although other characters were involved they did not see the error of their ways. His actions caused this story to be riveting and intriguing causing the audience to understand more morals such as not possessing arrogance or be willing to understand. Yet another question remains was this Creon’s fate or his free

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