Antigone Vs Hester Prynne Analysis

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Antigone Vs Hester Prynne In this play antigone is one of the main characters, she is seen as the play 's “Tragic Heroin”. She is a spoiled brat That wishes she was like her sister Ismene but will not say it. She wishes she was beautiful and could charm men like her sister but instead she scares them. Antigone has a meeting with her sister trying to persuade ismene to help her bury their brother polyneices. Polyneices died in battle attacking creon 's city, therefore creon states that he will not be buried and anyone that tries to bury him shall be put to death. Antigone ignores creon and tries to get help from her sister. Morality; “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior” Is the correlation

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