Women In Sophocles Antigone Play

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In Sophocles’ Antigone play which was written 2500 years ago the role of women is a really striking feature.It is one of the first impressive play which illustrates the different roles of women play in society.As it is noticed there are some characters in Antigone’s play portray that women should be strong and sensible in society. While others’ views of women are very much grounded in the society.They put the woman down and undermine her ability as well as they reveal that women have a narrow role in life. So, these themes are still discussed in our modern society which is amazing that things are not changed much in terms of the role of women of five hundred years ago and today. In the following paper, I am going to analyse the role of women in Sophocles’ Antigone play and show how the characters see the role of women and compare it to Creon’s view about the role of women too.…show more content…
It is obvious that the two sisters Antigone and Ismene depict the major female characteristics.Although Antigone plays the role of a strong and headstrong independent woman in society, her sister Ismene represents the role of a weak and powerless woman in society.As well Creon's view of women is typical in considering women as they should only play a subordinate role in the family and society.Since he thinks them are less intelligent than men, attracted by emotion, and unable to make an independent and right judgment.Antigone and Ismene are contrasting characters.Antigone believes with all her soul that she is powerful and capable of deciding how to act based on the situation that is presented in her society.She is adamant that she should be free to disobey a command given by a man if she feels the command or the order is unjust and doesn't respect the human’s rights and that can be emphasised strongly by her quote when she

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