Antigones The Jew Analysis

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Not only do the papyri contain name with combinations of Semitic and Greek syntax, but they also identify Jews who bear wholly Greek or Egyptian names. For example, a fragment identifies a person as “Antigones the Jew” (CPJ No. 8), a Greek name important to Greek tradition through the Theban plays. Various other fragments make reference to Pasis the Jew (CPJ I No. 9), which the corpus editor notes is a very common Egyptian name (Tcherikover, 135). Alexander was a common name among the Egyptian Jews, thanks to the famous eponymous conqueror (Tcherikover 140). In a document regarding a robbery, three Jews are named, “Theophilos son of Dositheos, Philistion son of…, and Timaios son of Telouphis” (CPJ No. 21). All five names are Greek and two,

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