Antique Marble Mantel Case Study

423 Words2 Pages - Antique Marble Fireplaces and Mantels: Why Should You Invest in and Restore Them? Antique marble fireplaces and mantels add such a since of grandeur and elegance to a room. The majority of these elements contain unique details in the style of the time period in which artisans created them. You may still wonder why you should consider investing in and restoring these items. We offer four reasons to answer this, so keep reading. 1. Relive a Bygone Era of Design When you purchase and refurbish antique marble mantels and fireplaces, you can relive design features of a bygone era. Often floral details and figurines were part of these elements in settings that have long been discarded by stonemasons in order to modernise…show more content…
It will be unlike the other fireplaces and mantels that the construction companies normally include in their projects at present. 4. Improve the Value of Your Property If you decide to purchase and restore an antique mantel and fireplace, you will receive a substantial return on your investment since it will increase the value of your property. This is especially important when you go to resell your property since potential buyers will be examining all the decor elements in the residential or commercial building as well as the overall condition of the property to determine if the property is worth the asking price. Rely on Hallett Marble for additional facts about why you should invest in and restore antique marble fireplaces and mantels with our help. Our company specialises in restoring, creating and installing various elements of natural stone to commercial buildings, homes, ecclesiastical buildings, schools and other structures. We will meet with you and provide a free quote on restoring your fireplace and mantel of marble or performing another task for

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