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Same Team, Very Different Lives What do Antoine Walker and LeBron James have in common? They are/were both all-star NBA basketball players (Walker left the league in 2008), both played for the Miami Heat, both won NBA championships with the Heat, and both had earnings of over $100 million. On paper, they could have been twins. Yet, that is where the story takes a sad, critical deviation. Antoine Walker lost his $110 million to wild, extravagant living. His NBA championship ring was sold at auction and he had to declare bankruptcy nearly half decade ago. James is still earning money, just sold a $13.4 million mansion in Florida, owns a 30,000 square foot mega mansion in Ohio, and just bought a $21 million vacation home in Brentwood. Hopefully he has a better backup plan for retirement than Walker did, because Antoine Walker once had homes and goods like that, too. Yet, two years after he left the NBA, Walked filed for bankruptcy. He told the court that he has lost nearly $120 million. Not only was his $110 million in earnings gone, but he had nearly $13…show more content…
With the terms of his bankruptcy at an end, his remaining creditors are simply out of luck as Walker gets ready to start his life fresh. Well, fresh with a much different lifestyle. Since the casinos had to write off nearly half a million dollars, it is likely that Walker won 't be invited back to the big money rooms anytime soon, and if he gets into legal trouble he may be looking for a public defender instead of an Italian-suited attorney, since he stiffed his legal team for over $350,000. If you think your credit card companies and banks are worried about your debt, Walker is part of the reason why. Wells Fargo just wrote off nearly $1 million of Walker 's loans. How do you think they make up those losses? That 's right, jacking the prices of services up and raising interest rates for you and
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