Anton Chekhov's The Lady With The Dog

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The Lady with the Dog: Faithfulness among Couples “The Lady with the Dog” is a story describing two persons who are in a love affair but married to someone else. Anton Chekhov, a Russian play writer, and author wrote the story “The Lady with Dog.” “The Lady with the Dog” is as applicable today as it was in Chekov’s time. Considering the plot and the conclusion of the story, Chekhov broke the traditional style of storytelling. Chekhov avoids giving his opinion on whether the characters were right or not. The story provides a good lesson to many relationships today where partners are not faithful to each other. Our society should condemn acts of unfaithfulness in marriages as it undermines the marriage and can lead to unhealthy relationships. Being one of Chekhov most loved stories; “The Lady with the Dog” describes the love affair between Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov and Anna. They are both married. Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov is married, but he does not like being married. Anna, on the other hand, is married, but her husband is absent. After Anna arrives in Yalta, she quickly becomes friend with Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov and then later became lovers (Chekhov, 2406). Anna considers herself as a broken woman, and she fears that Gurov would never…show more content…
Anna was not faithful to her husband. She even faked, she was sick so that she could go and meet Gurov in a hotel. One of the leading causes of separations in relationships today is unfaithfulness. Anna took advantage of her husband’s absence, subsequently her in an affair; this happens even today in our society. Gurov got married, but he didn’t show much affection for his wife, it seemed as if the passion was gone. He didn’t show much interest in taking care of his family. Such acts of unfaithfulness in a relationship do not benefit anyone, in fact, it leads to unhappy marriages. Anna and Gurov did not have anything to celebrate apart from their
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