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We arrived at the home of Anton Karazai on May 16, 2006, at 6:00 p.m. When we arrived, we found Mr. Karazai hanging from his chandelier by curtain drapes with his hands tied. This death had taken place in his piano room of his estate. There was also both a nearly full glass and a bottle of alcohol and nearby was a journal containing Mr. Karzai’s thoughts, on a small coffee table near Mr. Karazai’s corpse. According to Mr. Karazai 's journal, it states, his most recent entry showed that he had signs of depression and that his son was the only heir of his that remains. The autopsy report found that there was a thin line of blood around his neck.
Piano strings were ripped out of Mr. Karazai 's piano, while on the table, Mr. Karazai’s journal, reads “My strength diminishes every day” proving that it would have been immensely difficult for him to pull out piano strings. While investigating, there were no signs of sharp objects (i.e. scissors, knives, etc) to cut the piano strings. Most of the time, elderly people with diminishing strength cannot rip piano strings, nor could they even manage to cut wire using wire cutters. This
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Karazai’s hands were tied. It can be argued that when you hang yourself, you need your hands free to slip your head through the noose and attach the rope to a high area as well as your neck. Almost certainly, you can’t tie your hands while you’re hanging, especially if you’re already dying at that point. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that Karazai committed suicide in the manner as described. Upon his throat had also been a thin line of blood, which had been located across his Adam’s apple. The autopsy had also concluded that his death was due to asphyxiation meaning he that had died because of suffocation. During the investigation, we saw that Mr. Karazai had hung himself with drape and, almost certainly, drapes don’t leave a thin incision across your neck but, rather a rope

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