Anton Lavey's View Of Satanism

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Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible, and formed the Church of Satan, however, LaVey was an atheist. LaVey did not believe in Jehovah nor Satan’s existence. To him, Satan was a symbol representing qualities that he himself longed to have. The only “god” in LaVeyan Satanism is the one practicing the religion. They celebrate themselves, and view themselves as their own god. It a materialistic and rather egotistical religion. Theistic/Spiritual Satanism recognizes the existence of all spiritual beings. Deities/demons, etc. Satan is seen as a god, but is called by his other forms as other pagan deities as well. Theistic Satanists are not Christian, and therefore do not view him in the same negative light. There is no “devil” in Spiritual Theistic…show more content…
It isn’t enough to pray to the Dark Lord for must also put forth some effort on your end; It is a popular belief that Satanists do not believe in the Christian God. Atheistic Satanists (LaVeyan Satanists) do not believe in God, they do not even believe in Satan as a real entity. To believe in Satan, you must believe in God, and visa versa. As much as the Dark Lord despises the Christian God, Jehovah, he will tell you that he is the true Creator. Satan cannot produce life. No spirit can create life but Jehovah. Without the existence of Jehovah, the Dark Lord would not exist. To deny Jehovah’s existence, is to deny Satan’s. The Dark Lord has said knowledge is power, and that there is truth in all religions. You must look at both sides of the coin, not just one. As Spiritual Satanists, we believe in the existence of all Gods/Goddesses. Pagan gods/goddesses are demons. Their King is Satan and their Queen is Esther. I will speak more on Esther later on in the book. Some Pagans, treat Satanists/Luciferians as if we are not Pagan. They do not put us in the same category as them. For some Pagans, not all, they do not believe in the existence of Satan/Lucifer and/or assume all Satanists are the same (Atheistic Satanists, such as LaVeyan). Pagan describes all non-Abrahamic religions, and all spirits not associated with
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