Antonia And Jim Analysis

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- During the relationship of Antonia and Jim, I would have to say that Jim learns more from their relationship. Although Jim does teach Antonia English. Jim learns more than just a language. First of all, Jim learns more about Bohemian people and their culture. Jim finds out that Bohemian people are more trusting than say Americans. This is supported by when Antonia's father offers his gun to Jim as a gift when he's older even when he doesn't know much of Jim at this point. He also learns about himself a little bit. When Jim and Antonia was going to a garden to dig up potatoes, they came across a huge rattlesnake. As the rattlesnake perked up to attack, Jim rushed in and drove his shovel on it's head. He killed the rattlesnake with multiple…show more content…
Speaking about the main character, The main character of this poem who is called Clarke is a country boy like how Jim was in My Antonia before achieving better lives. The stories both start out in a similar way as well, they both start out with some kind of reunion of some sort. In My Antonia, Jim is reunited with a old friend of his while in the poem the main character is reunited with her aunt. The setting in similar in the way that they both are set mainly on a farm, where Clarke and Jim both reminisce on their memories and experiences in it. Jim would be remembering the moments he had with Antonia while Clarke would have remembered the memories had with his aunt, both at a young age. They were also both poor growing up which is mentioned and described in both of their little flashbacks. Talking about the females characters from both platforms of literature, Both the Aunt and Antonia have made big impacts on Clarke and Jim.Antonia is remembered by Jim for her precious traits and personality while the aunt is remembered by Clarke for teaching him about music in his youth. They had made big enough of an impact for both main characters to write about them in their
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