Antonia Character Analysis Essay

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Antonia is based on an actual person from Cather’s childhood, a girl name Annie Pavelka. Cather admired Annie’s inner radiance and her independence. She wanted to capture these qualities in Antonia. Antonia symbolizes the past possesses a deep rapport with her landscape, and embodies the experiences of both immigrants and the Nebraska pioneers. Antonia shows benevolence in her gracious acts of kindness and her kind heart. Antonia is the type of person who always tries to do good. She helps in the field and around the house. She is kind in her actions, towards Jim and his grandparents. She is also very righteous. She enjoys her freedom in the new land. She is also very happy with her life. She values good morals. She is an honest person that…show more content…
She is very proper which is fitting in the conformity of her life. She seems to mature when she is around anyone. Antonia always seems to be full of joy. She was a very wise person, and because of this her family survived through winter months. She learned to adjust to the American customs that were very hard. She also had to adjust to the different language. She quickly learned that she had to work really hard on the farm so that her family could get some profit from it and survive. Sincerity is another one of the amazing characteristics that Antonia possesses. Antonia possesses the imagination and ideas to seek a more hopeful destiny in an unfamiliar territory through coping with hardships and socially overcoming many of them. This novel shows Antonia’s harmony and creativity with her environment and her contribution to the creation of new lives and a new country. Antonia was a very intelligent, optimistic, loyal and kindhearted person. She is a naturally generous person. She is dedicated to her family and improving their life. She is trusting and fiercely loyal to her family and friends. She is very determined to reach all of her goals in life. Antonia rules the household with a gentle, loving hand, and loves her life on the country and is dedicated to the
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