Antonia Shimerda Character Analysis

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An immigrant girl from Bohemia, Antonia Shimerda, travels with her family to the state of Nebraska, where they hope to establish a better and more prosperous life. Antonia seems to be an intelligent girl, eager to study, and she learns English quickly from her neighbor, Jim Burden. She proves to be a hard worker after her father commits suicide, assisting her older brother with the men’s work out in the fields. Furthermore, Antonia was a rather independent individual, as she displayed through her actions toward her employer. Throughout her life as an immigrant, Antonia Shimerda displays the traits of an intelligent, hard working, and independent girl. Antonia Shimerda displays her intelligence in several ways throughout her life and is constantly striving to learn. When Antonia first befriended a neighborhood boy, Jim Burden, she asked him for the names of several objects in English. After settling in a new country, Antonia was eager to grasp the native language so that she might better her family’s situation. Thus, by the time Jim had to go home, Antonia had already memorized…show more content…
As well as performing chores about her own household, Antonia loves to help her neighbor, Mrs. Burden around the house. However, after her father commits suicide, Antonia has little time for activities other than labor. In just eight months, Antonia developed from a child into a tall, strong young girl who could hold her own while conducting the farm work. During this time, Antonia had often helped her older brother with the men’s tasks, such as plowing and harvesting. Furthermore, Antonia took any job offered to her in order to earn wages for her family, such as helping Mrs. Burden in the kitchen or becoming a cook for the Harlings. Thus, Antonia demonstrated herself as a hard working girl, both before and after the death of her
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