Antonia's Plot Development In Define Normal

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Where It All Begins As it is revealed in the novel, Define “Normal”, the setting plays a crucial role in the plot development. Fairly quickly in the novel, it is shown that the main character, Antonia’s mother has a severe case of depression which often leaves her extremely volatile and lackadaisical about her well-being and the others around her. Antonia typically finds her lachrymose and inconsolable, not wanting to be comforted or surrounded by anyone. Because of Patrice’s depression, Jazz and Antonia are led to become closer in many ways. Antonia’s mom’s depression brought on a sequence of events that helped Antonia grow as a person through the story. Antonia is hesitant when it comes to discussing her mother. From the text it states, “She’s a, uh…”- I swallowed- “image consultant.” I didn’t add, when she can get out of bed.” (pg.77) Antonia’s household is heavily impacted by her mother’s depression, which frequently resulted in Antonia having to take on a motherly role to her two younger brothers, Michael and Chuckie, and forces her to cook and clean the house. Along with this…show more content…
At the start, Antonia is hesitant and refuses to connect herself you them because she felt that if she got to close, she would abandon or forget her mom. She encourages this behavior in her brothers, as read on pg. 114. It says, “I wanted to charge in there, grab their arms, and scream, “Don’t touch anything. We’re not going to be here that long.” And when Michael accepts Tillie and seeks comfort, Antonia begin to view him as a two-timer and tells this to Karen. She says, “That’s no excuse,” I said “He’s a traitor. One lousy cookie and he sells his mother out.” (pg. 119) This is quite ironic because of all the people who would understand what it’s like to keep to yourself and not get help. She says, “Yeah, everybody in the world needed my help. So who was helping me?” (pg.
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