Antonin Scalia Case Study

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The recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has left a controversially delicate 4-4 split within the Supreme Court betwixt the liberal and conservative minded remaining eight Justices. In the wake of this doubly devastating event, President Barack Obama has been forced into the predicament of deciding whether or not he should nominate a replacement for Scalia, a situation which has been worsened by the current status of an election year. Unsurprisingly, many Democrats have shown support for Obama’s choice to appoint a nominee himself, while many Republicans have voiced support for an alternative: allow Scalia’s vacancy to remain until the next president has been sworn into office and is able to make the nomination. Regardless of support or disdain for his decision, President Obama has chosen to nominate Merrick Garland as Justice Scalia’s replacement on the Supreme Court. The anticipated…show more content…
The remaining eight Justices are split ideologically, with four being pro-liberal and four other being pro-conservative. At a time plagued with many precedent-setting decisions being forced to be made, a standstill tie is not a welcomed scenario in the Supreme Court. The current status of an election year only adds to the chaos, leading to Obama’s decision to nominate Merrick Garland as Scalia’s replacement receiving much criticism. The political parties have taken expected stances on the matter, with the Democrats supporting the current president and the Republicans protesting. While alternatives, such as permitting the Supreme Court vacancy to remain so the next president can make the nomination, have been suggested, Obama’s decision has been made and the controversy has changed to center over whether the Senate’s confirmation vote will take

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