Antonin Scalia In The Supreme Court

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Eduardo Velasco Reyes
Professor: Hill
Criminology 13
14 April 2016
Antonin Scalia in the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia one of the Supreme Court judge was born on March 11, 1936 in the town of Trenton, New Jersey. He was the only son of Salvadore Eugene a Professor of Languages at Brooklyn College and Catherine Panaro. She was a public school teacher and also the first Italian American generation to work as a teacher in the Unites States. Also he was the only child in the family and as well in his extended family and being the only child gave him a lot of confidence growing. Not only that but also since he was the only child in his entire family, the family expectations were higher. As he grew up he acquire the nick name of “Nino” witch was
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Also he dominates oral arguments on the court with active and sometimes his questionings regarding the case (Liptak). He says that he prefers a Constitution that is dead instead of a constitution that is alive and that evolves over the time. In one of his speeches he said that, “The Constitution is not an organism. It’s a legal text…It means today what it meant when it was adopted” (Stohr). Probably he said this because now days many people wants to change the constitution and adapt new rules and amendments, and since he is very conservative he wants to keep the constitution like it was when it was…show more content…
Texas in 2003 where Scalia dissented on a rule of 6-3 where made gay sex a crime in the state of Texas. On this case it was strike down. Also in the case of Hill v. Colorado in the year if 2000 with the same rule of 6-3 decision “upholding a law limit protests near abortion clinics” (Liptak). In the year of 1999 another case was at the Supreme Court where Antonin Scalia dissented again. This case was United States v. Virginia, where the case was that the Virginia Military Institute should admit women and it was decided by 7 to 1. My thought on this case is that Justice Scalia since he is a conservative than he might thought that if a School is only for men than it should stay like that. Lastly one of the many assents if Justice Scalia is the case of Basic Law Maryland v. Craig where allow children that was a victim of sexual abuse to testify at trial by closed-circuit television. This case was decided in the year of 1990. (Liptak). Scalia sometimes was a person that was unpredictable, because even though he was a conservative he sometimes was a Liberal. For example he pleased the Liberals in the case of Texas where he voted to “uphold free speech, as in the Texas flag-burning case and striking down a prohibition on hate speech…[but also he keep his conservatism in the case of abortion] and he said that this issue should be decided in the legislature”
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