Antonin Scalia Supreme Court Cases

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The Supreme Court makes the final decisions in cases involving Congress, whose power is limited by other branches of government. Scholastic. The Role of The Supreme Court. Retrieved from The president nominates Justices’ who receive 5000 requests for hearings every year. Id. Out of those, they choose around 150 cases. Id. These court cases are conducted as regular court cases, except only the Justices may make the final decisions. Id. Justice Scalia was involved with the Supreme Court from 1986 until his death in the current year. Id. Scalia was praised for his conservative stance and traditional thinking, and the Supreme Court will not be the same without him. Id. Antonin Scalia…show more content…
Antonin Scalia. (2016). The Famous People website. Retrieved from // He voted to eliminate laws that created distinctions on basis of race, gender and sexual orientation. Id. He also argued that laws that make distinctions between genders should be subjected to intermediate scrutiny. Id. Over the years, he argued about no constitutional right for abortion and stressed that if the people of the country desire legalized abortion, the issue should be decided in the legislature and a law should be passed. Id. He also stated his belief of death penalty being constitutional. Id. Even in cases in which the criminal is under the age of 18, he clearly expressed his opposition against death penalty being unconstitutional.…show more content… Editors. Antonin Scalia Biography. A&E Television Network. Retrieved from It was also through his blunt comments that he earned a reputation as rude and insulting. Id. Yet those who knew him personally say that he was unpretentious, charming and funny. Id. One of his closest friends on the Supreme Court was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose political views were vastly different from his own. Id. Justice Scalia stayed true to the judicial philosophy of originalism, which holds that the Constitution should be interpreted in terms of what it theoretically meant to those who ratified it over two centuries ago. Id. This does not allow courts to take into account the views of contemporary society. Id. In Justice Scalia 's view, the Constitution was not supposed to change but to change to citizens ' basic fundamental rights and responsibilities. Id. Justice Scalia was appalled by "judicial activism" and believed the place for change was in the legislature, where people are represented.

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