Antonio And Felix Monologue

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Antonio and Felix, thank you for joining us today. Rumor has it that the two of you have been friends and training partners since childhood. Although you have trained together, critics say that you have two very different fighting styles. Can you tell our viewers the difference between your two styles? Antonio: We have trained together, I can remember training every morning at the Boys Club on 10th Street. My fighting style is lean. I definitely have a long reach which I feel helps me be successful as a fighter. I think that my lean stature helps a lot in the ring. Felix: I believe that my stature is what sets Antonio and I a part. I have more of a shorter, muscular frame which makes me a better slugger. Fans claimed that they saw you two training together, running along East River Drive, weeks before the fight. Did you two talk about how this fight would change your friendship? Felix: Yes, we did continue to train together leading up to the fight for at least a little while but after a certain point, we knew that it would be best if we gave each other some space. I remember one morning a…show more content…
What was going through your minds at that very moment? Antonio: I was so nervous, but I was trying to be cool, when my eyes met Felix 's, I felt a pit in my stomach and quickly looked away. You both had an outstanding fight but when the announcer went to announce the winner, neither of you were there. Who do you think one the match? Antonio and Felix: (responding together) We both did. Our friendship won. We walked into the ring as champions and we walked arm in arm out of the ring as champions Antonio: We both fought a hard fight, we are bruised, tired, sore- but we fought fair. Well that’s all the questions we have for you boys today. You both did good in the

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