Antonio Cruz Character Analysis

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Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas, best friends, are both 17 years old boys who share a dream. Both boxers dream of someday becoming a lightweight champion of the world. Even though they are best friends they both have to face many obstacles on the way. Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas would be great topics for an article in the Golden Gloves Boxing Championship Magazine.

Antonio and Felix have many things in their background. Both boys grew up on the lower east side of Manhattan in the same tenement building on 5th street. They have shared a passion for boxing.” Between them, they have a collection of fight magazines second to none, plus a scrapbook filled with torn tickets to every boxing match they have ever attended, and some
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“The fight had created great interest in the neighborhood. Antonio and Felix were well liked and respected. Each had his own loyal following(326)”. “One morning less than a week before their bout, they met as usual for their daily workout(323)”. They have always been each other 's rock and have been there for each other.”Arm in the arm the champions had left the ring. No matter what the decision, they knew they would always be champions to each other(332)”. They always were honest with each other and told the truth.”I don 't mean to sound like I 'm bragging, bro. But I wanna win, fair and…show more content…
The fight was so intense, they acted like they didn 't even know each other.”Neither gave an inch and neither fell to the canvas(331)”. “Antonio’s lean form and long reach made him the better boxer, while Felix’s short and and muscular frame made him the better slugger(323)”. Neither boxer gave up. “Felix, grunting like a bull, threw wild punches from every direction. Lights suddenly exploded inside Felix’s head as Antonio slipped the blow and hit him with piston like left catching him flush on the point of his chin(330)”. After the fight both boys were just happy the fight was over. “Arm in arm the champions had already left the
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