Antonio Evans 'What Baseball Taught Me About Diversity'

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In the workshop, “What baseball taught me about diversity,” Antonio D. Evans explained the way diversity connects to every aspect of playing baseball. His experiences throughout his baseball career taught him how to be culturally diverse and how society can become culturally diverse. He mentions that he played on teams with people who didn’t think like him, act like him or look like him, but he accepted them as a human being. Evans’ also states that baseball is a good teacher of life and you can be bad seventy percent of the time and still be one of the best.
During Evans’ presentation he discussed how baseball impacted his life. He emphasizes that being culturally diverse is something that must be learned and it does not come naturally to human beings. Throughout the presentation, Evans’ embraces the fundamental skills of baseball, as they can be connected to lessons of life. Evans’ also relates every base to important qualities to one’s self and one’s team, representing that without a powerful
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He played baseball until his freshman year of high school because he started struggling with his grades and then his junior year, he played again earning a full-ride scholarship to college. When Evans’ was little, he went up to bat against a girl but struck out. Stereotypically boys should be better than girls at sports but Evans’ was able to respect that a girl had beat him. He expressed that you must respect the game, when you respect the game it influences you to respect other players and then to respect your fellow peers outside of the game. Evans’ also said players must be capable to adjusting to the pitches in the batter’s box, ups and downs, and this relates to the adjustment of a diverse world, people must be accountable for what they do and how they help others. Everyone needs to understand that society is changing and people cannot ignore that the world is becoming a diverse
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