Antonio López De Santa Anna

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Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón, also know as Antonio López de Santa Anna, was a conceited president and general who used manipulation to obtain power over Mexico. He ruled over Mexico and led his people to many victories. He was a hero, but whenever trouble came he fled only to make a grand entrance during a crisis and lead Mexico to victory. He went by his own rules and made Mexico follow them. Antonio López de Santa Anna created a new form of government, used taking responsible risks to innovate a way to overcome the settlers, and illuminated the world by changing Mexico into the country it is today.

Antonio López de Santa Anna was a ruthless leader who created a government that lived on the people
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As a soldier he was brave and courageous, which is how he led his people to victory at the Battle of the Alamo. He took a risk of losing men when he launched a violent assault on the Alamo mission and killed all 180 Texan occupants. He also took a risk when he fought against the mighty Spain in Tampico. According to the article titled “Antonio López de Santa Anna” (1996), “The Spanish forces were superior in numbers, equipment, and training, and Santa Anna's initial attacks were parried. However, with fierce persistence, he fought the Spaniards all summer, keeping them bottled up in Tampico.” He came out victorious and became known as “Conqueror of…show more content…
In 1853, The Gadsden Purchase, a trade between Mexico and the U.S, was completed and the Mesilla Valley was sold to the U.S. for the sum of $10 million. He lost the support of his citizens and was exiled. In total throughout his life, Antonio López de Santa Anna was exiled at least 6 times. He drove back the French and due to shrapnel from a cannon shot, lost his leg. He later hosted a funeral for his leg and somehow his new prosthetic leg was captured and held as a battle trophy! Antonio López de Santa Anna spent lavishly on parties and a private army as well as statues of himself that were erected to show off his power. He often ran away to his hideaway, Manga de Clavo and spent his time raising fighting cocks. He strengthened the army and the central bureaucracy, filled political positions with corrupt friends and financed it all through forced domestic loans and foreign borrowing.” (Antonio López de Santa Anna, 1996). He created a better army, became rich, and overall made Mexico stronger as a
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