Antonio Marez Luna Character Analysis

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As a little boy, Antonio Marez Luna faces many challenging events in the process of growing up. He lives with parents who constantly argue because they have contradicting opinions on whether Antonio should be a priest or a vaquero (Rudolfo 2004). The protagonist shows characteristics of a hero since his parents are both absent because they do not listen to his needs. During his call to adventure, Antonio experiences many dreams (Rudolfo 2004) which allow him to build the courage to pursue answers to his questions; highlighting him as a hero because the initiation of his dreams enable him to fulfill his heroic journey and search for answers. Also, during his departure, he crosses a threshold as he excitedly awaits the day of his first communion. When the day finally arrives and he intakes the holy sacrament, the lead character found himself moments later “... still seeking God’s voice” (Anaya 223). Despite prior questions, he still showed a hero’s strength by embodying the values of his society or at least those of his mother (Rudolfo 2004). Inclusively, during his departure, the main character crosses the belly of the whale when he “... saw Lupito lifted his feet and hurled backward by the…show more content…
For him, this magical creature illustrates something tangible to believe in, which further exhibits his hero qualities as he possesses the human weakness of temptation because the Golden Carp brings him an urge to believe in it (Rudolfo 2004). Additionally, during his initiation, he acted as an apotheosis when Narciso began vanishing from this world, Antonio “... heard his mumbled confession” (Anaya 178). He acted as a hero when he took the role of a priest and forgave him of sin (Rudolfo 2004). After enduring many trials, receiving help, accepting guidance, and acting as a priest, he finally achieves his ultimate boon: realization, self-acceptance, and understanding which represent some rewards received in his heroic
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