Antonio's Use Of Foreshadowing In Bless Me Ultima

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In Bless me Ultima, Antonio struggles to choose what path in life he wants to take. Antonio’s parents come from very different families and both think Antonio should follow the lifestyle of their family’s side. Antonio’s mother wants her son to follow in the footsteps of the Lunas and become a servant of God, a priest. On the other hand, his father dreams of him and his son venturing to California and starting a new life full of adventure. His parents’ constant disagreement about Antonio’s destiny causes an internal conflict that wreaks havoc on him throughout the book. In this dream, we see antonio break free from his destiny and become his own man. In the dream on chapter 22, in Bless Me Ultima, Anaya uses foreshadowing, juxtaposition, and symbolism to illustrate Antonio becoming less dependent on others to guide him, which leads to him forsaking his parents’ expectations and molding his own path in life. Anaya feels this change in Antonio is a positive pivotal step in growing up.…show more content…
Anaya uses foreshadowing to portray Antonio becoming his own person with ideas and aspirations. The author alludes to the death of Ultima that transpires later in the book. In the beginning, Ultima came to live with Antonio’s family to mentor him. So when “Tenorio captured the nightspirit of Ultima and murdered it” (Anaya 258), it represented the end of Antonio needing Ultima to protect him. Although he was frightened by the idea of Ultima dieing, the foreshadowing in his dream shows he is maturing and becoming an adult who can make his own
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