Antony And Butus In Julius Caesar's Speech

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Although Antony and Brutus made a lot of strong and similar convincing points in their rhetoric speeches to get people on their side Antony’s rhetoric speech was more powerful and more convincing because of his strategic use of logos, pathos and ethos, to win the crowd over Brutus. In the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, he shows us just how powerful words are. William Shakespeare shows the speeches of Antony and Brutus and how they convince the crowd by using nothing more than pathos, logos and ethos.
As mentioned, Antony and Brutus had a lot of similarities in their speech. They both used Pathos to get the crowd on their side. Antony used pathos when he stated sarcastically mentioning how honorable Brutus was. Sarcastically and using examples to show that he truly is not, the crowd started to catch on and figure it out. Antony used logos by providing logical arguments to prove why Brutus’ statement that Caesar was ambitious is wrong. Antony also used Ethos when he speaks to the Romans.
There were many differences in Antony and Brutus’ speech as well, including the ways they used strategies: pathos, logos and ethos. For starters, Brutus’ attempt of persuading the Romans during his speech was to convince them that it was right to kill Caesar. His excuses for killing Caesar were the following; because Caesar was too ambitious, and the Romans would’ve been slaves if he had lived. He was convincing the Romans that the conspirators were good people, who wanted no
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