Antony Speech In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Mikayla Horner Pd. 5 12/10/16 Julius Caesar Writing Assignment Julius Caesar a play written by William Shakespeare between the marvelous characters and the vicious fights. There is 2 important speeches made in the book, they are said by the characters Antony and Brutus. Brutus made a speech to the citizens telling them he did kill caesar, but he did it for the greater good for Rome. Antony also made a speech explaining that Caesar was a good man killed in cold blood. Antony’s speech is effective because of repetition, personification, and apostrophe. Repetition is used frequently in his speech, especially during the end. “Brutus says he was ambitious” (Ⅲ, ii), “Brutus is an honorable man” (Ⅲ, ii). The purpose behind this is Antony is
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