Antony's Loyalty In Julius Caesar

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Anthony is most loyal to you, Caesar, but is also very loyal to himself. He, like a good number of other politicians, also formed temporary ‘loyalties’ with Octavius and Lepidus. However, these bonds were only temporary and Antony only aimed to benefit from them. Antony treated Octavius like a businessman would treat his colleague; maintaining an arms-length partnership. Antony looked down on Lepidus, though.
Antony’s loyalty to you is the strongest in the play. Antony’s loyalty to you was on display throughout much of the story. The first time Antony was introduced in the story, you asked a favour of him. Antony replied saying, “When Caesar says ‘do this,’ it is perform’d.” That shows just how much Anthony respects you. You yourself notice
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You know better than anyone that once Brutus stabbed you, your response was “Et tu, Brute! Then fall, Caesar.” You know better than anyone that his betrayal was just as responsible for your death as the stab wounds. Antony was loyal, so was Brutus, arguably more so than Antony was. However, Brutus loved Rome more than he did you. Antony never had to make a choice, but had he thought that you were ambitious, it isn’t difficult to believe that he would have joined the conspirators. Shakespeare shows us that Brutus and Antony have similar qualities. In a way, showing Brutus betray and Antony stand by you was showing two different situations created by the same person. Shakespeare uses ‘Julius Caesar’ to tell readers that friendship and loyalty is almost a completely one-sided affair. One must always have something to gain from a friendship, or loose from the lack of it. That is why Brutus killed you, to make sure that you do not grow tyrannical. You’re friendship with Brutus was of comparatively little value to his loyalty to Rome. So, Brutus betrayed you. The same way, Antony acted as if he was supporting the Roman citizens when giving Caesar’s eulogy. He did so to be able to get an upper hand on Brutus and seize control of Rome. However, Antony later sought a way to avoid paying the citizens’ bequests. Showing no real loyalty to the citizens of
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