The Impact Of Global Climate Change

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Every year in a specific location the climate is different due to the fact that it changes, some years may have a below average rainfall while other years may have an average or above average rainfall. Climate change is credited to both natural variability and human activities. The variation in climate parameters is generally attributed to natural causes but because of changes in the earth's climate since the pre-industrial era some of these changes are now considered attributable to human activities. Natural climate variability and Anthropogenic Climate Change have similar aspects but they can be distinguished from each other as climate refers to the average weather for any given area as it defines the typical weather conditions on long term…show more content…
The absorption of the carbon dioxide is driving the ocean to have a more acidic and warm conditions, at the same time the ocean warming is having pronounced impacts on the composition, structure and functions of marine ecosystems. The impact of warming, acidification and deoxygenating are having a dramatic effect on the flora and fauna of the oceans with significant changes in the distribution of populations and the decline of susceptible species. The impacts of warming, acidification and deoxygenating are increased due to human activities such as pollution and over fishing. (N.p., 2017. Web. 9 May…show more content…
More intense rains, hurricanes and high rising sea levels will lead to flooding and potential loss of property and life. The hotter summers will lead to frequent fires leading to higher levels of near-surface ozone and smoke which potentially would increase code red air. As the summers are heating up intense droughts would lead to an increase in malnutrition as in the long term fresh water will become scarcer. ("Global Warming : Feature Articles". N.p., 2017. Web. 8 May 2017.) Overall global warming will impact life on earth in many ways but the extent of the change is largely dependent on human activities as scientist have shown that human emissions of greenhouse gases are pushing global temperatures up. It can therefore be concluded that climate change is the long-term averages and variations in the weather over a long period of time were as anthropogenic climate change relates to the effects human activities have on the greenhouse gases and as the greenhouse gases are long-lived, therefore the planet will continue to warm and changes will happen in the future, but the degree to which global warming changes is up to the human activities affecting climate

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