Antwone Fisher Analysis

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The case of Mary Ellen Wilson, a young girl abused by her mother then her foster mother, was the first case to shed light on child abuse. Since that case, many laws have passed to ensure the safety and well-being of children in the home. While the child welfare system has come a long way since the case of Mary Ellen Wilson in the 1870’s and the implementation of laws, the child welfare system still remains to be a flawed system. The movie Antwone Fisher depicts a young man forced to deal with his demons from his life as a victim of child abuse while in foster care. This film analysis will discuss the cultural context, discuss the positive and negative aspects of our current child welfare system, and highlighting some of Antowne’s resilient…show more content…
He is later forced to meet with the Navy’s psychiatrist Davenport for treatment after continuous outbursts involving a fellow white officer. It is through his treatment and processing his feelings of anger, abandonment from his biological parents, and trauma, that he is able to find hope in himself and change his trajectory. I think the film’s message to viewers is about an individual’s resilience when faced with the many difficult challenges, such as trauma or death. Antowne Fisher is a perfect example of resilience and how to overcome life’s challenges. There are several resilient factors seen in Antowne Fisher throughout the movie. Despite all that Fisher has gone through, he enlisted in the US Navy. This tells me that somewhere inside of him he wanted better for himself. I think Fisher was determined become more than his circumstances. Antowne was a man of courage and at the end of the movie you him empowered to identify his family and stand up to his abusers. Although Fisher was angry, he used drawing and poetry to sometime channel his anger. Through the flashbacks of his life as a child and his current service in the US Navy, viewers see that Antowne faced many challenges. In the beginning scenes of the film, we see him having trouble with managing his emotions due to suppressed emotions with the trauma of his past. Some other challenges included the physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused from his foster mother Ms.
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