Antwone Fisher Case Study Psychology

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The following is the case study of a male client, Antwone Fisher, a temperamental young black man with a violent history who is serving in the U.S. Navy. Antwone Fisher, a twenty five-year-old man, suffering from a covert behavior due to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse by Mrs. Tate at the foster home during his childhood. The rough life he had as a child caused him to have a violent temper; after getting into a fight with a fellow sailor, Antwone’s commanding officer orders him to go to psychiatric treatment. Where he meets a psychiatric who attempts to get him open up, but Antwone is at first extremely resistant and afraid to tell the truth about his past. Through a process of discovery, Antwone opens up and revels that he was verbally, …show more content…

As a result, he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, seen through his recurring flashback of the abuse; his violent outbursts as a way to cope with his tragic life, and low self-esteem due to not ever received words of encouragement from his caretakers. One day, Antwone gets in to fight with a fellow sailor and his commanding office orders him to go to a psychiatric treatment. Antwone meets a psychiatric, as a psychiatric I offer him only three sessions covered by the insurance. I attempt to get him to open up and explain why he has this kind of behavior but Antwone resists to all three session. Finally, he opens up and I offer him after office hour treatments. Antwone is afraid to tell about him being abused as a child and how he was treated and tortured. Also, he explains about his best friend, Jesse, how he was killed during an attempted robbery and Antwone resents his best friend for leaving him. Antwone also gets in fight with a sailor while on leave in Mexico, who questions his sexuality, and is thrown in the jail. That is when he explains about his past experience of sexual abused by Nadine, a family member at Mrs. Tate’s house. Antwone never received support from anyone who cares for him, he was not able to develop coping skills necessary to confront life’s struggle. Antwone becomes very aggressive and violent man

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