Antz Colony

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Antz Every ant in the colony always works as a duty without complaining or questioning why or who can be the queen. This animated movie is about the life of an ant Z, who wants to break the routine as a worker. This film, Antz presents a courageous act of Z who trades place with an army and wants to become a hero because he wants to see beautiful princess Bala, who has the similar problem as Z that feels insignificant. They send Z to war, but fortunely he is the only one alive while others die. He did not know that he actually saves the colony from an ambitious general Mandible who wants to destroy the colony. The colony is saved from the hand of general who lead them with hard military to a democratic state. Z is an individual living in a society who values conformity and strength. He dreams of a better place like “Insectopia” where he can be himself without any judgement from anyone. One night, in a bar, Z meets Princess Bala and dance with her, but he did not know who she was at that time. Because he wants to see the princess, he begs his best friend to switch place as a soldier ant. Z has no idea about military rules, so General Mandible sends him to war and is planning the…show more content…
When he is about to fall down the parachute, he grabbed Princess Bala, so both are stranded in the dessert and begin their journey to Insectopia. This is the beginning of Z revolution to refuse to work and started to protest for them to have their own rights. Everyone knows that Z is in Insectopia, and general Mandible make a speech about him that he is villain. Z’s best friend Weaver who switch place with him get caught and beaten up. Mandible questions Weaver about Z, but he refuses to tell. After the general tortures a worker, Weaver is finally mention “Insectopia” because he cannot take it anymore. So General Mandible orders his loyal officer Colonel Cutter to find Princess Bala and kill
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