Anu Rode: A Short Story

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magine living in a Country for a long time and the Country you live in is your home and where you grew up and spent your entire life in. Then have to move to an entirely new continent. This is the challenge that Anu Rode had to face. Anu Rode's story begins in India around 2000, Anu rode's husband, Sanjay, had already been in America for a few months to work for a company. Because Sanjay's expertise was so badly needed, the company wanted him to stay for another year. Since Anu was already going to move to America soon, she decided that it would be better to move earlier because she was 6 months pregnant with her first child.This made her feel like if she had her baby in America, it would be better for the baby's health. Sanjay then came back…show more content…
But because she thought how far she had come and how far she can go every day if she just pushes through she could graduate from residency. She had gained more knowledge, experience, and wisdom then she would have if she didn't continue the residency. Because of the perseverance, she had achieved something that meant to her. Anu had also gained many perspectives of other people and how they can also be on a journey of their own importance. Anu had also learned many skills from her learning that she would not have known about if she didn't continue the residency. She also achieved her long-time dream of becoming a doctor to help other people. In the end, Anu thinks that she had made the right chose of continuing her education because if she didn't, she would have wasted a lot of time and effort going to college in India. She would have also given up on her dream that she had since childhood. because Anu decided to continue the residency She now has a successful career and is enjoying her job as a doctor. She also learned about many things about herself, like "My passion for my children and to learn new things." She is now doing a lot of charity work because she has witnessed first-hand how medicine could change or even save a person's

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