Anxiety In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Anxiety is another recurring theme in The Metamorphosis. Mrs. Samsa, Gregor’s mother, is a prime example of this. After Gregor’s mother discovers her son has transformed into a bug, she has a hard time staying conscious long enough to even look at him. When Gregor first emerges from his room, she immediately begins screaming and then collapses into the arms of her husband. “‘Help, for God’s sake, help!’ She held her head bowed down, as if she wanted to view Gregor better, but ran senselessly...At that his mother screamed all over again, hurried from the table, and collapsed into the arms of his father…” (Kafka 27-28). It seems as though she wishes to see Gregor, but then when she sees him it causes her such distress that she can not handle
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