Anxiety In High School

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Anxiety. “A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” (Anxiety.) This is something I 've struggled with the majority of my sophomore year. The newness of high school, driving, and life in general had my mind racing in a whirlwind of agony. I 've never struggled with school until this year. It seems like the homework kept piling as time kept slipping. All the years before I was a straight A student. This year I 've toppled from straight A’s, to high B’s, and even managed to get a C. I don 't know if it was just the letter C or the thought of having to get it up, but I was stressed. Anxiety was taking my focus away and I knew I had to overcome it to get my grade up. On top of school, I was a new driver. Being free on the road has it’s advantages, but at first I was a nervous wreck. The thought of being in control of my passengers life 's freaked me out. Also, not knowing what the other crazy drivers on the road were gonna do next made me panic. The more I drove the more I realized it wasn 't that…show more content…
As the days of my sophomore year past, I let worry consume my brain more and more. Constant thoughts of not being good enough and failing filled my brain. I sat on these thoughts for too long and it only made my anxiety worse. However, throughout the year I learned how to tame those thoughts. Prayer and time with Jesus helped me remember that it 'll all be okay. I 'm constantly reminded His truth instead of my doubts. I now have learned to fully trust in Him. There will always be worries in this world, but nothing He can
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