Anxiety On Terrorism And Terrorism

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A study was conducted by Summers and Winefield (2009) on 92 Australian high school students to know the anxiety of student’s related/about war and terrorism when 88 Australians were killed in Bali bomb attack. Further gender and anxiety were also explored in regard to terrorism. The study results showed that 92.2% respondents has anxiety about issues of terrorism and war either related to themselves, their family or friends. Over all the Results indicated that almost 90 percent students reported that they had anxiety about war and terrorism frequently or more occasionally. Most of them said that they think very often about it. Majority (73.9%) felt satisfied as they got the opportunity to communicate about terrorism and war whereas only 26.1percent were not satisfied because they did not get this chance. Moreover, it was found that there were many students who like to discuss about terrorism and war more in their school. Additionally, Data and findings showed that 44.7% were worried of their general safety especially which make them anxious, fearful, and vulnerable for their friends and family. Further, 28.2 percent of them showed their despair and sadness for innocent people who lost their lives. Then, 6.8 percent of students were angry or frustrated as they come across with restrictions and threats whenever they travel to United States or any other place. Then, 8.3% feel that media is not trustworthy and is biased as truth is not properly depicted through media and there
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