Anxiety Research Paper Outline

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I. A small amount of anxiety can be a good thing. A lot of anxiety is when it becomes a problem. “The dividing line is when the fear becomes so great that it causes a lot of distress and/or it makes the person not able to do certain things” says Dr. Bridget Walker. Having a constant or persistent feeling of fear and distress, is known as anxiety. In the past, people with mental disorders have been misunderstood and poorly treated. During, times in ancient Greece, many societies connected mental disorders to punishments from the gods or being possessed by demons. But, people still tried to find a more scientific explanation. No matter the cause, if not properly cared for, anxiety can lead to serious problems and disorders. II. There are numerous…show more content…
There are many different types of anxiety disorders. 1. Some of the different types of anxiety are panic disorder, agoraphobia, stress, PTSD, and generalized anxiety. a. PTSD is also known as post traumatic stress disorder. b. Agoraphobia is the fear of events or places that might cause panic. IV. Anxiety and fear are connected in many ways. A. Anxiety is connected with fear. 1. Although it’s in the brain, anxiety affects the whole body like real life-threatening situations. 2. Anxiety is the anticipation. a. Anticipation is the expecting or predicting what’s going to happen b. People can’t escape from the bodies hormones and brain-signaling compounds that have been released. B. Animals and people have become hyper-responsive throughout time. 1. This can be good unless someone becomes too hyper-responsive. a. That problem is known as anxiety. b. It makes us more alert. C. The worrying about events that may or may not happen is one of the main causes of anxiety. 1. Like fear, anxiety happens when people worry about different events that won’t kill you. a. These events haven’t even happened or may not happen. 2. Anxiety is a feeling of fear with often no clear reason. D. Lastly, fear is what kept our ancestors
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