Anxiety Research Proposal

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Research proposal
Topic: Anxiety problem of women with disability(psycho-socio factors) in Ahmedabad, age between 18 to 30

Introduction: Anxiety is kind of psychological disorder on which many research took place. In this modern era there are many aspects which lead to various psychological problems, dew to some external or internal force which creates problems. It is noteworthy to say that anxiety is not caused from psychological adjustment problems, along with, it has certain sociological problems which contributes in anxiety disorder. Many times anxiety crosses its limits then it is likely that individual faces serious consequence, in such situation individual faces health related problems thus it hinders adjustment from his or her surroundings.
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Here my aim is to locate my research where it stands. /while exploring about key term Anxiety, came across certain research papers; They most focused in mental health perspective. With my research I want to know that does disability like Visual impairment, physical impairment, and so on leads to anxiety symptoms dew to certain psycho-socio factors Therefore I should begin with first review paper.
As per Margaret Prowse Neylan “A certain amount of anxiety is normal, useful, and necessary. If it is not channeled and put to use, however, it can be debilitating and also contagious”. Physiologically it is manifested in the "fight or flight" mechanism which is triggered by a release of a comparatively large amount of adrenalin into the blood stream. Pulse accelerates, Respirations become rapid, apatite decreases, perspiration increases and many more (Prowse, 1962). However, no need to elaborate this more since earlier it is described extensively, Thus starting with my main area women with anxiety in
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With this topic following objectives I am intending to accomplish.
1. With anxiety I am not going to research on only mental health issues, but want to relate it with social perspective.
2. My main objective is to work in disability sector and how anxiety impacts over, they faces many barriers in their day to day life.
3. Thus it is worth knowing how they faces anxiety problem while facing many impediment.
4. Generally it is found that women faces more anxiety in compared to men, within that my aim is to find what will be with women with disability?
5. Here both women and disability are very sensitive things to deal, thus expecting some striking outcome.
6. Here it will be noteworthy to know that do social factors gradually contributes acquiring anxiety? or psycho and socio has their own role to play in equal way.
There is no significant difference in the anxiety levels of young women with and without disability. It is my null hypotheses.

Methodology: In order to systematize my research it should be confine in certain method. The research

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