Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town And The Great Gatsby

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The Good Die Young In the 1900s through the late 1970s people did not care what they did or said. Eventually the years were passing and there were a couple of death situations. The authors are Scott Fitzgerald which published the novel The Great Gatsby and E.E.Cummings which wrote the poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town”. The main characters in the novel were Tom, Daisy, Nick, and Myrtle. The main characters in the poem were anyone and noone. A short summary from the novel and the poem. The Great Gatsby is that there are lots of death and no one cared. Anyone lived in a pretty how town is mostly about people do not care about other people 's feelings. Scott Fitzgerald, writer of the novel The Great Gatsby and E.E. Cummings, writer…show more content…
In the the poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town” by E.E. Cummings and in the novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, both showed many signs of the people being careless, and all though there was death nobody really seemed to care. For one quote in the poem in line 25 it says “One day anyone died I guess” that shows that death is not a big factor and it seemed as they are very careless of it when it happens. It also shows that they are not important to other. They just bury you and keep it moving. Another quote from out of the poem was line 34 and it says “Summer autumn winter spring” that quote is saying that people change like the season. Then again it is like a slower pace lifetime. The seasons can also represent the time changing over the years, as the time change everybody starts changing. In the novel on “page 134 of chapter 8 says” “It does not matter any more. Just tell him the truth, that you never loved him, and it is all wiped out forever.” Gatsby is showing that he really does not care about the argument he just wanted Daisy to himself like he hoped.That quote is saying that all he asked was one thing, but one thing is too much to ask for. Young people are dying and they are really careless about it. Maybe if people start caring about others the world will change. In today 's society, the world is still the same. People killing others over dumb stuff. Parents losing their kids and kids are losing their parents. The world is getting worst every day. These quotes prove my thesis because it goes along with the people not caring about something as big as other people feelings . The tone of dislike really helps the readers to understand that people are
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