Anything For Your Love Poem Analysis

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Love and relationship between man and woman has been the focal point of countless literary works, music pieces and other art objects since times immemorial. Depending on the personal experience and worldview of the author, the feeling of love has been interpreted in many individual ways. Consequently, to find two masterpieces which depict love similarly seems inconceivable. The texts under analysis – J.L. Borges’ “What can I hold you with?” and the song “Anything for Your Love” by E. Clapton – although written by two contemporary artists and elaborating the image of love, produce an absolutely different effect on the reader. In this paper I am going to compare and contrast both poetic pieces proving that there are actually a number of differences on their semantic and syntactic planes which account for the overall perception of the central image of love.
Outlining similarities, it should be pointed out that both the poem and the song are written as a love confession.Yet, while Borges’ text impresses the reader with its uniqueness, Clapton’s piece is definitely an example of a typical pop love song with a catchy melody and rhythm.In my opinion, this discrepancy is chiefly reinforced by the structure of the texts as a whole.
Firstly, what strikes the eye of the reader instantly is the traditional form of Clapton’s song and the unconventional structure of Borges’ poem.While the former is rhymed what can be vividly proved by the first two lines (God 's got a plan, he 's making
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