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Australia, as a nation is so often associated with the image and battles of the Anzacs sent to war 100 years ago. The victories, as well as losses that our soldiers experienced so long ago is a big part of our nation’s culture and the way we are seen internationally. The celebration and remembrance of all the loss Australia faced at Gallipoli in 1915 is an event that has stood the test of time, through war, social changes as well as changes in how people see the Anzac soldiers. It can be seen through historical evidence of memorials and ceremonies over the past one hundred years why the celebration and honoring of our Anzac heroes is so important to Australia, and why Anzac day has lasted over such a long time and continues to hold so much…show more content…
Australians, both during World War I and now hold a large amount of pride and respect for the soldiers that died for the country in the battle at Gallipoli. The Anzac soldiers were how everyone saw Australians back during the time recently after Australia’s federation, leading to a pride in these soldiers that is still held onto today. The soldiers that fought at Gallipoli died to protect our country as well as many others, and for that they are seen as almost god-like figures to anyone who hears of them, both now and back then. Their sacrifice gained so much respect for them that we continue to honor them even today. The first display of pride and respect for the Anzac’s sacrifice and bravery can be seen in Ellis Ashmead Bartlett’s newspapers report on the landing at Gallipoli, particularly in the line ‘the courage displayed by the wounded Australians will never be forgotten’, demonstrating how proud Australians were to hear that their soldiers had shown such courage on the battlefield, protecting the lives and countries of those they were defending. This respect and pride led to many memorials across Australia, along with the celebration each year on April 25th that still last today and hold a great deal of importance to

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