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Lynn Margulis, known as a science author, educator, and popularizer, is recognized for her discovery on primary proponent in the symbiosis in biological evolution. Lynn’s personal life is something you would never expect to be. Margulis is very famous for her discovery of the symbiosis in biological evolution and how many other scientists took her work and went off of her observations and facts.

Body Paragraph 1: This paragraph will be about your Cell Biologist’s personal life, and life as a scientist.

As much work and away from home Margulis was, she still very much had her own family and personal life. First married to astronomer, Carl Sagan in 1957, she had 2 sons with Sagan then later divorced in 1964. Remarried in 1967 to Thomas N. Margulis, had one daughter and one son then later divorced again in 1980. After two marriages failed, in the 2000’s Lynn had a relationship with another Biologist, Ricardo Guerrero. Margulis died in November of 2011 from a stroke and was cremated, and spread across her favorite research places near home, as wished.
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Lynn Margulis is famous for discovering primary proponent in the symbiosis in biological evolution. Her “serial endosymbiotic theory of eukaryotic cell development revolutionized the modern concept of how life arose on earth” was her discovery on cells. In the 1960’s Lynn studied the structure of cells such as the mitochondria and chloroplasts. She found that the chloroplast DNA was alike to the genes in the algaes nuclei. “Algae have swallowed up bacterial partners, and have themselves been included within other single cells. Nucleated cells are more like tightly knit communities than single individuals.” Evolution is a lot broader than once

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