Ap Biology Semester Reflection

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Semester Reflection Throughout the semester in AP Biology I’ve been able to cover several different topics. These include being able to identify biological processes that require energy, investigating and modeling ways organisms capture and store free energy for use in biological processes and investigating and explaining how organisms respond to changes in their environment. Over the semester I have been able to gain a full understanding and can demonstrate proficiency in each of these components of the curriculum. The work that I have completed involving these topics shows this. One of the focuses of this semester was the ability to identify biological processes that require energy and explain why they require energy. In the work I completed I demonstrated being able to accomplish this. This occurred in several different projects, including the cellular respiration lab involving the respiration rate of germinating seeds, the potato core lab and the photosynthesis lab. In these labs, we were able to identify the biological processes that required energy for the different processes to take place to allow germination to occur. As the main focus of all of these labs was testing a…show more content…
This is very similar and related to the previously discussed objective of being able to identify biological processes that require energy. Modeling the way organisms capture and store free energy was achieved in several different labs, including the cellular respiration lab. In the lab, we modeled how an organism can capture and use energy through facilitating the germination of seeds. Germination is a very complex biological process that requires the capture and storage of energy for later use. Modeling this process allows further investigation and greater understanding of how energy is captured and used by
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